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$25 minimum on orders (cost before shipping).

Hanging Coconut Bowl - $4.25
Hanging coconut bowl is a fun dish to have and it can not be knocked over. Average sizes are between 3"- 4". Hardware is included. Due to placement of hardware, the shell will not be level when hung.
5" Ceramic Crock - $8.25
5" wide and 2" high. [dishes in picture are 3" high]. These crocks are heavy and good because your chinchilla can't knock this ceramic crock over.
3" Ceramic Crock - $4.95
3" wide and almost 1½" high. This would be a good size bowl for treats or pellets.
coop cup food dish 10 oz Coop Cup - $4.75 each
This stainless steel bowl attaches to wire cages so they can not be knocked over.
chinchilla lixit water bottle Lixit No Drip Water Bottle - $13.79/$16.00
We all know trying to find a water bottle that doesn't leak is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Well, you have found your needle. That's right, this Lixit [plastic] water bottle has the same great spout as the Water Buddy and works just as good, NO MORE LEAKS! Bottle is plastic.
Small - 10 oz - $13.79
Medium - 20 oz - $16.00
Carts are impossible to accurately code.
Extra shipping costs will be refunded back to you.

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