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Quality Cage Wheel
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fiesty ferret cage 15" Chin Spin - $69.95
Chins need their exercise, but can hurt themselves on standard wire or spoked wheels. This open-wheel design is made of quality wood, dual ball bearings, and coated with a durable, silver-vein powder coated finish. The CS-15 is 15¼" tall, and needs to be mounted so the bottom of the wheel is 2" above the cage floor. It extends 8" from the wall of the cage, and has a 6¼" running surface. Easily, but sturdily, attaches to the side wall of your cage with supplied hardware. Comes with photo-illustrated installation instructions and an extra set of bearings.
Prevue Cages
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Items on this page are unavailable until I am fully healed.

fiesty ferret cage Prevue Fiesty Ferret Cage - $169.00
This cage converts into a great chinchilla cage, but it is recommended to modify the parts. 31'L x 20'D x 55'H with 7/8' wire spacing. The Feisty Ferret Home offers tons of space for even the most energetic ferrets/chinchillas to run, jump and play!The Feisty Ferret Home includes: 3 ladders, 2 platforms, 1 hammock, Removable plastic pan, Bottom storage shelf.
frisky ferret cage Prevue Frisky Ferret Cage - $119.00
25'L x 16'x 31'H (interior height 20'H) with 7/8' wire spacing. Available in a powder-coated, cocoa hammertone finish with black plastic ramp and shelf. The large front door and rooftop door provide easy access to pets, while the rolling caster stand allows the cage to be moved around the home or indoors/outdoors. A removable bottom grill and pull-out bottom drawer helps make cleaning quick and easy. However, if the bottom grille is not used a wind-bell lock, above the bottom drawer, prevents pets from pushing it out. The shelf on the bottom of the stand can store extra food, treats, toys or cleaning supplies. It is recommended to modify the parts to make this cage chinchilla safe.
Rat Chinchilla Cage Prevue Rat/Chinchilla Cage - $159.00
31'L x 20 1/2'W x 40'H (interior cage height is 28 1/4') with 3/8' wire spacing. Available in a dark red hammertone finish. The small wire spacing and solid metal ramps and platforms make this an ideal cage for rats and chinchillas, as well as baby ferrets. The large front door and smaller rooftop door allow for easy access to pets. The pull-out bottom grill and tray make cleaning quick and easy. The wind-bell lock, on the bottom of the cage, prevents pets from pushing out the tray if the cage is used without the grille. A bottom shelf is also included for storing extra food, treats and supplies. It is recommended to modify the parts to make this cage chinchilla safe.
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