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There's only one way to let you know if my products are satisfying, and that's by the customers themselves!

I love to chew, I love to chew!! Me too!! Aren't these great!
I love my new house and toys. Thank you, Jean!
"I have so many new toys, thanks!" "Thank you"
"yum! these are the best"
Look at me, I'm so pretty.
Smells wonderful, can't wait to eat it. I love my hammock! Thanks for the comfy hammock.
I don't know why anyone would want to put their fingers in these, they are too much fun to chew. Repicheep thinks he is the luckiest chin in the world when he is treated to a rose bud

This is the best I ever had, thanks Jean.
I'm loving my new jumping post, thank you for making my custom order!
I just love my new hammock! Thanks Jean

Gizmo loves his new house.

Sophie loves her treat! Thank you!

I really love my hammock, it was not even scary for me. I tried it the moment my human placed it in my house. Thank you, TJ Chinchillas!!!

"MY Interior Designer?
Why that would be TJ's"

What! You mean I can't have another yummy treat tonight?"

I get very excited and love exploring all the new toys from TJs.