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Chinchilla Hanging Toys
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Wood Hanging Toys
Mr. Stuffy Head - $12.95
This [approximately] 4" willow/vine ball is stuffed with a variety of items. We have [fresh, not bagged] hay, flavored & plain loofah, seagrass rope, palm, variety wood pieces, yucca, bagel bites, variety herbs, vine ball and finger trap pieces. Wood can change upon availability, but will be at least three different types.
Wood Munch Balls - $7.95
These hanging toys have four 1" willow balls, and a variety of twirlies [3" long and at least ½" thick]. Colors & wood variety do vary. About 7" long.

Large Chinchilla Hanging Toys
Wooden Icycle - $36.00
This is a great toy to keep your chinchilla stimulated. There is so much on this toy, your chin will not get bored. Apple, pear, poplar, kiwi, willow, pine, and balsa plus a bunch of other fun chews. Colors, flavors and sizes will vary. You can hang it as one big toy, or separate it into 6 toys. Because this toy is bulky, it will be shipped separated, just unbend and clip together.

Bag of Gold - $29.95
Spoil your chinchilla by giving him a bagful of gold. Not only is there a lot to chew on, there is also a nice variety of items so your chinchilla will not get bored. We have pine, balsa, a variety of processed woods, pumice, vine, yucca & more.
Mega Monster - $22.95
This guy is huge! If you want to keep your chinchilla stimulated, then this toy is for you. There is so much on this toy, your chin is bound to fall in love! With a 4" head stuffed with chinchilla safe hay [type will vary], an wood chunk neck, we also have a variety of tree woods, vine, bagels, pine, poplar, balsa, linden, pumice, finger traps, and much more. Average height is between 10" & 11" long. Now that's a big toy.
Pine Slats - $12.95
Just the remedy for hours of fun. With a total of 23 pine slats and 7" long , this chinchilla chew toy will keep your chin busy for hours. Pine slats are 2" & 4" long. I do use pear hooks and an o-ring on this toy because of the size.
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Medium Chinchilla Hanging Toys
The Chameleon - $12.00
This balsa toy will change colors depending on the season or holiday, and also comes natural. Balsa is fun to tear apart, and is also good for chinncillas with dental issues. Click here for color list/dates.
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Palmy - $6.75
Here's a cute shredding toy, that will last longer than most shredders, because it also has wood coins on it. Leaf made out of palm, finger trap, vine balls and a variety of wood coins.
Pumice Wreath - $6.50
If your chinchilla is a pumice fanatic than this is for you!! Eight fun loving pieces of pumice in one toy. Sizes do vary, and go up to 1½".
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Crafty Pine - $6.95
4" long pine pieces and lots of craft sticks for chewing fun.
Loofah & Yucca - $5.75
Loofah and Yucca hanging chinchilla toy. About 7" long. OUT OF STOCK
Rocky Pine - $7.00
Six pieces of 2" pine and five pumice stones. Pumice is a great way to keep those teeth trim!
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The Salad - $7.25
Everyone needs their greens, even chinchillas. One munch ball, five pieces of pine, and 4 chunks of cubed hay. [Hay pieces are approximate, they will vary in size.]
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The Fandangle - $6.25
Here's a fun shredding toy with willow balls, palm scredder and craft sticks. Colors vary.
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Shred-n-Spin - $5.25
Here's a different combination for those chins that love chewing yucca and shredding finger traps. Colors vary.
Palm-willow Paradise - $8.00
Now made with 3" vine instead of 2", this is a fun shredding toy that also has surprises inside the ball. Contents of the inside may vary, but will have some hay and three different chew items to enjoy. [Some items that may be used could be rosehips, rosebuds, loofah bites, wood pieces, balsa, apple wood etc.] Colors vary.
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Small Chinchilla Toys
Bagel Trap - $4.25
Even chinchillas need to have partys with finger traps! This hanging toy has 6 finger traps, 5 bagel bites and a total of 1 foot of palm shredder. Another chinchilla all time favorite shredding toy!!
Craft sticks and Yucca - $4.25
4 pieces of yucca cut in half and lots of chew sticks.
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Chinchilla Foot Toys
All made with coconut rope or seagrass rope.
Toss Toy Surprise Package - $12.95
A surprise variety of throw toys for your chinchilla to play with. Shown in the picture are just some of the toys that might come with this set. I have so many, they won't all fit in a picture. You will get a variety of toss toys that value $12.95. Amount of toys vary [4-6] because the value of each toy vary. Colors Vary. [Some of the items you may receive: poplar, pine, balsa, processed wood pieces, pumice... basically anything I sell.]
Mini weights - 5/$2.25 - $2.50
Little throw toys for your chinchilla to play with. Please specify natural or color. Colors Vary.
Please Choose
Bagel & Pine Toss Toy - $3.50
Another fun chinchilla toy. All pine pieces 2" long, 3/4" and 1/4" thickness. - Colors Vary. 5 bagel bites with 4 pine pieces.
Bagel Stick Toss Toy - $3.50
I can't see a chinchilla toss this one, he'll want it until he's done chewing it! 3 pieces variety wood with 2 bagel bites. - Colors Vary.
Apple Pumise Toss - $3.25
Another chinchilla favorite!! Applewood and pumise stone.
Wood Toss - $1.75
This is a cute fun toss toy for your chinchillas to enjoy. Depending on wood type, some pieces will be coins, and some will be sticks [grape/kiwi]. Please enter below the flavor, and colored or natural.
Avaliable flavors: Apple, Poplar, Willow, Grape, Kiwi, Madrone, or Manzanita.
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