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It is very important for you to read this whole page before you order, there is important information here and I also want you to be satisfied and informed.

Changes are made often to the website, so to be sure you are viewing the updates please "refresh" the page.

March 2021:
Due to health issues, I will be closed until further notice. I'm very sorry. Thank you for your undertanding.
If you have any questions, please email me

Please exchange at for @ in the email address below
My email is: tjschinchillasupplies at


While extensive research has been done to provide healthy and safe items for your pet chinchilla, we can not predict the future. As the caretaker of the pet, you assume any and all responsibilities of your pet with any and all items purchased from this site. TJs will not sell anything on our site that in our opinion is harmful, however, as the owner, you must educate yourself on the appropriate knowledge needed to keep your pet healthy and safe. Please supervise your pets with any toys/items to assure safety/health. Anything you purchase from this website you are purchasing at your own risk. Any information, materials, items, etc. you take away from this site you are using at your own risk, TJs will not be liable for any problems you may incur. It is up to you as the owner to take full responsibility in learning the correct information needed to fully insure your pet stays safe/healthy at all times. No information on this sight is to take place of a vet or any other professional that may be needed. The information on this website is our opinion only. Do not replace important professional care for the information you read on this sight. If your pet is sick or hurt, you need to call the appropriate professional immediately.

We are not responsible for any of the information or actions of any outside links we supply.

We reserve the right to change any information or items, to close the website, or to sell it at our discretion. No refunds are available for the safey of our other customers [unless item is received broken].

Privacy is an issue today and TJs wants to assure you any and all information given to us, will not be used for any kind of spam or sold. It will only be used to fulfil your order. If you used your credit card, we do not even get the information, that is all done threw paypal.

Fleece is likely to shrink when washing/drying, I do not pre-wash my fleece, so because of this, I will make the fleece items a little larger than the size specified. Fleece is the only safe fabric for chinchillas. Fleece does not fray like other materials, however, nothing is 100% safe, if you notice your chinchillaa chewing it, a hole/holes, TJs strongly advises you to take responsibility as the owner/caretaker, and take it away to avoid any unnessesary problems. Some chinchillas will chew threw fleece, I myself can not use it because I have a few chins that have chewed threw it. Ingestion can cause impactation, which will cause death. Please be a responsible pet owner. TJs is not responsible for the lack of knowledge or responsibility that you may lack as the caretaker/owner of your chinchilla.

With any fleece item you purchase, there is a chance that the color will not look exactly as the same you see on my site. This can be caused by the resoluation of your screen, and even the lighting. I will look at the same color in the light and out of the light, and it will look different, so which is the true shade??? This is not the case with each color/print, only for some of them. Also, the for each product I will list the appoximate size. I apologize, but sometimes they are about " smaller or bigger. Please see next paragrah for more information on homemade fleece products.

TJs does not imply that we are professional seamtresses or builders. Any homemade item[s] you purchase may have small flaws in them, such as fleece items/houses may not be 100% perfect/squared. We will not, however, send something out that we would not purchase ourselves. We pride ourselves in making items as close to perfect as we are able to. Rest assured, we will not sell you anything that has any major flaws. If the flaws are more noticable that we are happy with, we will send you an email with a picture and ask if the item meets your approval, and if it does not, we will make another one.

All of our homemade products are made with KD Pine. Poop guards are either poplar or pine. Wood used for our ledges are 6" wide and ¾" thick, and ledges do come with proper hardware already attached. With any homemade wood product you purchase [ie, house, shelf] it is important that you realize it is impossible to get a perfect piece of wood. I will never use wood that has a ton of knots or indentations/scratches on them, however, there may be a few. Sometimes while making something the wood gets little splits in them, and I will sand them down. I have to repeat myself and say if it's not something I would use, I will not sell it.

I do not want you spending your money if you are not going to be satisfied if a homemade item is not 100% perfect. I would rather you purchase it someplace else and be happy, than waste your money and not be happy. I am not just concerned about the safety of chins, but also with your satisfication.

While TJs does feel that this hanging shelf is made considerably safer through the use of four pear clips and 2.0mm chain, you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your pet. As a pet owner, you must realize that when a chinchilla or other pet jumps on this ledge, it will swing. As it moves, there is a possibility that your pet may fall and injure themselves - this chance is greater with a swinging shelf than with one bolted to the cage. Therefore, TJs suggests that this shelf be placed near one side of the cage so that it cannot swing about freely. TJs also suggests that something soft be put below this shelf, such as a hammock, just in case the need arises for a "soft landing."

Any items that are natural [ie, wood coins, pumice, cholla, vine etc.], or toys made of natural items will vary in shape and size. It is impossible for all natural items to be the same shape, size and color. TJs prices our items on the smallest of the specific item. If you get two toys that are made of the same items and one is bigger than the other, the price has been set on the smallest size. All the actual toys on our site are handmade, so please realize that item pieces will not be the same exact size, color, etc.

Any and all information on the herb information page is listed as entertainment purposes only and SHOULD NOT take place of a professional. The information on this page is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any illnesses/diseases. If your pet is sick/injured, TJs urges you to seek professional help immediately for his/her safety. TJs is not responsible for the lack of knowledge or responsibility that you may lack as the caretaker/owner of your chinchilla.

You must also realize as the caretaker/owner of your pet, that even tho herbs are considered safe, nothing is ever 100% safe, anything may pose a serious threat to your pet. It is up to you to take responsiblity to research what is safe and what complications may be caused with anything your pet consumes.

TJs does not suggest food/snacks/treats on this website are safe for your pet. The cookies do have sugar in them, and gojis have natural sugar in them. Sugar is not safe for chins with fatty liver disease. However, for healthy chins little tiny pieces here and there can be safe, but depending on the chinchilla, sugar can cause serious health problems and even death in some chinchillas. Any item to be consumed, can pose a threat. It is up to you as the owner to take responsibility in knowing what your pet may be allergic to, how your pet's health is, and what the dangers of each edible item can be before giving any type of treats/food. It is up to you to take responsibility as the owner to carefully supervise your pet at all times, even during snack time, to prevent any injuries of any kind. TJs is not responsible for the lack of knowledge or responsibility that you may lack as the caretaker/owner of your chinchilla.

***It is not recommended to treat chinchillas under the age of six months old.
***chins with fatty liver or health issues should avoid any treats containing sugar and berries

I do not set these prices, Quality Cage does. I can not sell any of their items any cheaper than they do. The benefit from ordering them from me is that the proceeds will go towards sending care packages to rescues. If you are interested in a Quality Cage item and I find out they have raised their prices while inquiring for your potential purchase, I have to charge what they are charging. I can not undersell them or I will not be able to sell their products.

It is up to you as the owner/caretaker of your pet to know your pets limits, including what is safe, what can injur them, what can pose as a threat..etc. TJs is not liable for any lack of knowledge you may have. As the pets owner/caretaker you are 100% responsible to learn from a professional the correct way to keep your pet safe and healthy. TJs does not imply we are professionals in any way.

TJs takes pride in packaging your order with love, and care. For any food, treat, herb, items in bulk, etc. latex/vinyl disposable gloves are worn. If you, your pet are anyone in your house are allergic to these items, you must take responsibility and inform me [send me an email before you place your order] not to use them and I will find another way to package your item without touching the products with my bare hands.

TJs also takes pride in packaging your order in a clean environment. However, we do have other animals, and they shed. While the animals are not allowed near the store merchandise, and vacuuming is always done, it is impossible to rid of every piece of fur in this house. Fur flies around in the air. While packing your order TJs does everything in their power to make sure no fur, fuzzies, etc. are on your items or in the packages. However, sometimes a piece of fur may stick to the plastic of a wrapper, a toy, on a piece of tape or land in your box, etc. I do apologize for this.