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Chinchilla Packages
Please click on thumbnails for larger picture.

If any of these packages are out of stock on a product, a substitute will be given.

Please read [click here] before placing an order.

Monthly Supply Package - $27.00 / $31.00
There are two variations to choose from for this package to add some variety. Package will always contain:
Monthly Package Constants
3 pounds of your food choice [Mazuri, Purina Show, Oxbow], 1 1/2 lbs blue sparkle dust, 1 lb each of timothy/alfalfa cubes & timothy pellets, and snacks which consist of 2 apple/oat cookies, gogi berries, rosebuds, and crushed rosehips. If Oxbow is a food choice, there is an additional small fee.

Food Choice
Toy Choice
Choose one of the following:
Hanging/Toss Toys
Contains: 3 hanging toys & 3 toss toys which consist of a variety of woods [toss toys may vary from picture], bagel bites, vine, finger traps, palm shredder, pine, yucca, flavored loofah pieces and pumice, 1 cholla log, & 5 oz variety of wood pieces.
Parts Set
Contains: 4 pine slats, 4 balsa slats, 4 finger traps, 5 bagel bites, 2 vine stars, 5 mini vine balls, 1 piece thick seagrass rope, 1 pumice, 1 wagon wheel [flavor varies], 1 yucca slice, 5 oz variety shapes/sizes wood pieces [wood is not drilled], palm shredder, variety spacer parts, hooks, wire and seagrass rope. All you need is a pair of needle nose pliers.
Bag of Gold - $29.95
Spoil your chinchilla by giving him a bagful of gold. Not only is there a lot to chew on, there is also a nice variety of items so your chinchilla will not get bored. We have pine, balsa, a variety of processed woods, pumice, vine, yucca & more.
Toss Toy Surprise Package - $12.95
A surprise variety of throw toys for your chinchilla to play with. Shown in the picture are just some of the toys that might come with this set. I have so many, they won't all fit in a picture. You will get a variety of toss toys that value $12.95. Amount of toys vary [4-6] because the value of each toy vary. Colors Vary. [Some of the items you may receive: poplar, pine, balsa, processed wood pieces, pumice... basically anything I sell.]
Variety of Chews Package - $11.95
This is a great package for those that love variety, we have 3 oz variety of woods, bagel bites, vine, flavored loofah, whole rosehips, dipping dippers, & yucca pieces.
Small Variety Pack / $7.25
Something for you to try if your not sure what your chinny likes,
or just to give a small variety of items.

Included: finger trap, 1" thick bagel, bagel bite, birch stick, pumice,
vine star, mini vine wreath, 2 flavor loofah bites, 2 mini grapevine wreaths,
2 birch spoons, 2 4" sticks, and some whole rosebuds,
and your choice of a sticker [pic on Human Page]. Colors of items willl vary.
Pls Choose
Treasure Chest - $24.00
Here is a package that has a bit of everything. There is 1 small hanging toy and 9 toss toys for your babies to have fun with. Size, colors, flavors will vary.
Create Your Own Toys Package - $16.75
This is a fun package with over 50 pieces. You get to create the toys yourself! Package includes:
15 craft sticks, 2 finger traps, 2 pumice stones, 2 wood pieces, 10 pine pieces [2 shapes], 8 balsa pieces [2 shapes], 3 ABC blocks, 6 bagel bites, 2 yucca pieces, 2 mini vine balls, 2 vine hearts, 2 vine stars, 2 peices of seagrass rope, palm shredder, 2 birch hearts, 24 small birch pieces, chain, wire, o-rings and clips, and seagrass rope to make several toys. All you need are a pair of needle nose pliers, & chain cutters. You even get to choose between all natural parts or colored parts.
Replacements will be made for items not in stock.
Pls Choose
Large Create Your Own Toys Package - $29.95
Same type of package as above, but bigger! Over 90 pieces in this package, imagine all the great toys you can make with this package. Package includes:
16 pieces of pine [four different shapes], 10 pieces of poplar [two different shapes], eight pieces of balsa [two different shapes], 12 bagels [2 sizes], 13 vine pieces [four shapes], two pumice, 2 slices of loofah, 32 small parts [five different shapes], two bells, and enough chain, wire [wire & chain will come in one strip, you will need wire/chain cutters], and seagrass rope to make at least 8 small-medium sized toys, which averages out to only $3.75 per toy. You can't beat that! All you need are a pair of needle nose pliers and you'll all set to have alot of fun creating your own toys! Replacements will be made for items not in stock.
Pls choose
Lg Vine Package - $13.95
Does your chin love vine, then this package is for you! 27 pieces include a variety of shapes and sizes of vine parts, and 2 feet palm shredder. This package is a shredders dream come true!
Sm Vine Package - $6.50
This package has 11 different fun shapes and palm shredder.
Bagel Feast - $12.50
Maybe your chin is an early riser and loves his bagels. If so, this package is for you. 4 3" tubes, 4 1½" tubes, 2 5" bagels, 4 of each: 3", 2", 1" thick, and 10 bagel bites.
Carts are impossible to accurately code.
Extra shipping costs will be refunded back to you.