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Quality Chinchilla Cages and Wheels


Martins Cages

Ferret Nation 141 and 142 - You can always start with a FN 141 and add on.


Bass Equipment - Metal Bottoms for Ferret Nation Cages


Chinchilla Club - Great chinchilla forum
There is a $10 a year membership or a $25 a year membership if you join the, but it is well worth it. There are games, which you can win tokens for prizes, listings of rescuses, breeders, webstores and much more, plus they both include and

Lucky Chinchilla Forum - Another great chinchilla forum.

Breeders and Locations

ABC Chinchillas - Quality breed chinchillas located in Northern Illinois.

BLS Chins - Small hobby breeder in York county, PA.

Chin~Vet - Small animal veterinarian located in Pittsburgh, PA breeding both pet and show chinchillas of all colors

Stratton's Chinchillas - Quality hobby breeder located in Addison, NY.

NWI Chinchillas - Quality bred chinchillas located in Northwest Indiana.

Quality hobby breeder located in Western, KY. Many homemade fleece items.

Quality Breed Chinchillas & Gliders locagted in Northern North Carolina, Homemade shelves, fleece and other supplies for sale.

VB Chinchillas Quality Breeder in Virginia Beach, VA.


If at all possible, please save a rescue.

Jaydas Critter House - Located in Southeastern Michigan.

Second Chance Chins - Located in Davisburg, MI which is in the Flint/Pontiac area, very near Clarkston and Holly.

Chin Friends Chinchilla Rescue - NY rescue that caters exclusively to chinchillas, and surrenders are welcome from anywhere, regardless of health, age and/or temperament. Will adopt to any state, as long as you provide transportation.

Tiffany's Chinchillas - Tiffany also does rescuing, please scroll down to center of this page where it says "Pet Only Chinchillas For Sale" to see her rescues available for adoption. Northern North Carolina.

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