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oxbow critical care Oxbow Critical Care 141g - $12.50 Plain/Apple Banana
Critical Care is very important to have on hand when your chinchilla gets sick. Premium recovery food that can be used for herbivores which are unwilling to eat their normal diet due to illness, surgery or poor nutritional status. This product contains all the essential nutrients and high fiber diet. This product is not meant to replace a vet visit, if your pet is sick, please call your vet.

Critical Care 141 grams/$12.50
Lixit 10ml Feeding Syringe - $3.00 each
Syringes are an important item to always have on hand. These work great when you need to force liquids or force feed a chinchilla or other small pet. This syringe is a good size for feeding chinchillas.
bag balm Chinchilla Small Emergency Kit - $41.00
When you own a chinchilla, itís very important to have emergency supplies on hand. The supplies needed for an emergency kit can be very expensive. In addition, most people will never use an entire bottle of an item before it would expire. Therefore, I have put together a small emergency kit with small amounts of the necessary emergency items in there.

This emergency kit contains Critical Care, 2 syringes [10cc, & 1cc], 1 oz of bag balm & blu-kote, q-tips, .5 oz eye wash, 2 - 6 g lubricant, 6 activated charcoal capsules, 6 acidophilus tablets, cuttle bone, infant gas drops, & Triple A Antibiotic. All of this comes in a small plastic container to keep all of your emergency supplies together. CRITICAL CARE MAY BE EITHER PLAIN OR APPLE/BANANA, DEPENDING ON WHAT IS IN STOCK
bag balm Chinchilla Medium Emergency Kit - $70.00

ON sale for $65.00
Medium medical kit includes: 6 activated charcoal capsules, eye wash, 3 - 6 g lubricant, 1 oz Bag balm, Bene-bac plus [may be either powder or small gel tubes], 1 oz Blu-kote, 1 oz Triple Antibiotic, 1 oz baby gas drops, 2 oz Pedialyte, 2 oz Betadine, 2 oz Desenex, ice pack & fleece cover for ice pack, 1 oz corn starch, critical care, 1 cup & spoon, cuttlebone, 1 roll gauze roll & tape, 12 sterile gauze pads [3 different sizes], vet wrap, 10 q-tips, scissors, tweezers, 4 oral sryinges [2 different sizes], small note pad & pen, rescue sticker for window, 1 plastic container, and one red zipper case.
bag balm Bag Balm 1.4 oz - $5.50
Bag Balm is great for your chinchillas' dry ears and paws. It also works to soothe cuts and scratches. Bag Balm is a great addition to your emergency kit.
bag balm Blu-Kote 2 oz - $4.50
Blu-Kote is a antiseptic and fungicidal liquid to put on wounds or fungus and is a great addition to your emergency kit. If your pet has a serious injury, please visit the appropriate professional for care. Since this product lasts a very long time, it is bottled into smaller containers. Please be aware it does stain EVERYTHING, please use with caution.
bag balm Acidophilus - Chewable Strawberry Flavored - 15/$2.00
Acidophilus is a probiotic. It is normally found in the small intestines of small animals and supports intestinal health. It is considered "good bacteria" and is present to help the body. Acidophilus can be given as a preventative to stave away health problems, or it can be given to help boost the immune system when the pet is sick or is being given antibiotics.
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