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Chinchilla Monthly Chew Package

Please read all of this to be informed, I want you to know exactly how this works so you won't be disappointed.

This package will only be available to order for a limited time.

This is a subscription for a package to be delivered every month. Once you sign up, paypal will automatically charge you every month. This is a great way to get a small package of chews & treats for your chinchilla every month, but yet never have to worry again about forgetting to place an order.

Cost: $16 + $7 [shipping] Sample of 'SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGE' [this would actually be Month 1]. One small toy, rest will be parts so you can make a toy or two, two treats [bag size will vary depending on treat], hardware to make your toy. You will need needle nose pliers [maybe two pairs] if you will be using chain.

Very Important I need you to know: If I am cutting the parts, and some I will be, they will never be straight edged or the same exact size. I apologize for this, I am just horrible at cutting parts. So I want you to know this ahead of time so you won't be disappointed with some of your parts being uneven.

The way this works is: You will be charged every month. You will always receive [and will always be different] 2 small treats, 1 small toy already made, and then parts to make your own toys. You can choose between natural and colored parts, however, once you pick, your choose can't change [sorry].

You can cancel the subscription at any time with your paypal account. If you do not have a paypal account, just send me an email, at least one week before payment is due to be processed, and I will cancel the subscription for you. Make sure you get a follow-up email saying it was cancelled. Some times emails don't make it, so if you do not hear back from me within a few days, email me again.

THE AMOUNT OF PARTS YOU GET EACH MONTH WILL VARY---this is because of how much each part costs, but the value will always be the same. I can not say exactly how many parts will be included each month, but you will always be able to make at least 2 small toys.

Woods will usually be pine and balsa, sometimes I will use poplar or aspen. I will let you know each month what type is included.

Cost: $16 + $7 for shipping [Total $23]

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