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Our store is dedicated to providing safe supplies for your chinchilla. At TJs if we sell it, we use it. We have quality chinchilla food such as Mazuri, Manna Pro, and Purina Rabbit Show, chinchilla ledges, chinchilla hidey houses, chinchilla toys and toy parts, homemade chinchilla toys, safe chinchilla treats and safe chinchilla herbs, blue sparkle and blue cloud dust, bulk toy parts, lava bites, chinchilla accessories and much more. Please take a look around, you'll be glad you did!

Meet Bo

My name is TammyJean, I live in Troy, NY and I have owned my four chinchillas for about six years. Since acquiring my first one, I started to do extensive research to make sure they lived a happy, safe, long, and fulfilling life.

One of the first things I learned is that most pet store products are not safe for chinchillas and I spent a lot of time looking for chinchilla safe toys and other items to use.

chinchilla wagging his tail chinchilla wagging his tail
I have always had a special love for animals, but with owning chinchillas it took me a few steps further. I really want to help chinchillas in need so I send out care packages to rescues. The first step was to open a web store for chinchillas, I think this is the way it was intended to be for me, my passion for animals is so strong, I am very happy being able to help their owners out by offering inexpensive and safe items, while putting some of the proceeds away to send packages to rescues. As of April 2013, we have sent out a total of 23 care packages to rescues.

Some of the items I offer are the chinchilla maze, chinchilla tunnels, chinchilla house, chinchilla ledges, super pet lava bite products, chinchilla food, blue cloud and blue sparkle, wood chews, chinchilla cages, herbs, chinchilla treats, and much, much more. You will be surprised how many items I have. You can purchase all your chinchilla supply needs at one place!!

So take a look at my chinchilla supplies and I'm sure you'll find something you or your chinchilla(s) will like. Also, check back often because the product line will be growing. All the items I carry, I do use for my chinchillas.

To place an order, I ask that you use the cart. Carts are impossible to calculate exact shipping costs, if you feel the shipping costs are too high, please send me an email with your order and zip code, and I will be happy to check your shipping costs.

If you would like a product that is not offered here, please send me an email from the contact page.
I would like to ask you to read my CONTACT ME page before you do order so you will be completely satisfied with your purchase. I have alot of information about my items, shipping, etc. on this page that I think is very important for you to read it before placing your order.

TIP: Always check my New/Sale Items/Specials!!


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