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I have been ordering supplies from you for a while now, and I have never been disappointed. I buy my chinnie toys from all sorts of amazing online chinchilla boutiques, but you are by far my favorite. Your products are diverse, well researched, and reliable. Whenever I get a new box from your store, my chinnie gets very excited and explores all the new toys as I organize them. This is high praise from her because she's VERY picky about what she likes.

Marci (the human) and RoRo (the chinchilla)

hi jean we got our shipment to today and our baby girl love what we gave her so far i've attached some photos of her enjoying new toys. we put her in her new hammock (lovely job better then most we have seen in stores) and she closed her eyes and "chirped" then when she got out she try her hardest to figure out how to get back in it was so cute and the last is the best shot we could get of her eating a rose hip she was guarding it from us as she chew. we also put her new ledge in and she loved it right off (so did we) i just haven't got a chance to catch her sitting still on it

Michael & Brittany

Hi Jean, just got in the new Leo Braun wheel today. Wasn't sure at first about getting it cause of the purchase price ($135) but it is totally worth every penny! Just taking it out of the box, it's clear that it's built great and it is very sturdy. I imagine it will take quite a beating and keep on rolling. And the best part -- it is so quiet! Totally worth the money. If I had money coming out my ears, I'd replace all my others with this wheel. Thanks for stocking it in your store, it's awesome!!


She really likes balsa wood and I'm happy with giving it to her because other wood usually goes untouched in her cage. :-( Sometimes she'll nibble on the loofah type things, but she chews majority of the balsa wood chews.

Erica & Sophie

Just wanted to show you how much Gizmo loves the tunnel! I converted it into a sort of sleeping house by sewing fleece and then attaching velcro to one of the open sides so light is blocked out. I also made a little blanket that can go inside for him to lay on, which is what he's doing in the picture. Thanks so much again :) He is very happy!


The poop guards are great! Many thanks.


At the time of my last order I saw on the website that shipping would take a little longer than usual. I recieved my items promptly- with a few extras! Chachi the chinchilla has been bugging me to thank you extra for the bee pollen. It's his new favourite come treat time. Thanks again for the prompt service and as always the great product!

-Chachi and Ashley

I've been meaning to email you to tell you that I was very pleased with the most recent order I placed--it's been a few weeks now. Everything was very well-packaged, and my chin loves her new wood chews (she has lately come to really like pear). It was also the first time I've been able to order the skinnier assorted sticks (it often seems to be the first to sell out), and she really prefers the skinnier wood sticks. I also appreciate that you sent a few human treats and chin treats (we both like treats!). Dezzy (my chinchilla) liked the little cookie and the coated stick a lot.

Thanks so much for continuing to offer a variety of chews and supplies!

Have a good weekend!


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